Who are we?

The Industrial Organization of Argentina is the largest manufacturing business association in Argentina. Representing 1,070 partner institutions and all sectorial and regional industrial chambers, the UIA advocates for productive growth and value added development with a federal scope.

When were we born?

On the 7th of February 1887, an assembly that gathered 900 people gave birth to our institution. The president of the entity was Senator Antonio Cambaceres, who carried out the first industrial census. The tally registered 400 businesses that employed 11,000 workers.

Who do we represent?

We represent every manufacturing sector and region of the country. Our representation is federal by virtue of the participation of the provincial industrial unions. The sectorial character is given by the chambers of the different productive sectors gathered in the institution.

How are our authorities appointed?

Every two years, the entity holds elections among its members to renovate the authorities that constitute the directive bodies.

Where are we?

Acquired in 1922, the traditional building of UIA is located at Avenida de Mayo 1147. Our first headquarters were situated on Cangallo 2461 and opened on September 27th, 1913.

What are our goals?

  • Promote a policy agenda that helps the industrial sector grow at national, provincial and municipal levels. We represent this sector before the political powers and both national and international bodies.
  • Join the industrial businesses of the country.
  • Expand the participation of the private sector in the manufacturing sector, leading advocacy for the elaboration and implementation of industrial policies in the country.
  • Foster every initiative that has for a goal the effective consolidation and the expansion of the national industry.
  • Support every instance that increases the supply and production of industrial goods to the domestic market, as well as those that help manufacturers compete in the global economy.
  • Carry out actions to strengthen the domestic market. Encourage fair, equitable, permanent and clear conditions for productive investment, which in turn boost a horizontal and vertical integration in manufacturing and in all the sector’s activities.